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extraPURE's dynamic command center, or "brain", sets this unit apart from the rest. Color LCD monitor displays everything you need to know; system performance, water flow, system regeneration status and other system functions.

Peace of mind is important and the engineers behind extraPURE strive to provide it at every opportunity. The power failure technology incorporated in extraPURE hoes far and above other models by never replying on a batter to maintain operation. In the event of an electrical outage, your extraPURE model turns on its' built-in "super capacitor" which retains all dynamic system settings are stored in NOVRAM memory, just like what's in your home computer, so the information is never lost and you never unwittingly use hard water.

Now let's just say that your extraPURE unit is in an area of your home that's not so easy to get to. Not to worry, the engineers considered this in the design as well. extraPURE's control center user interface is detachable! Controls can be mounted away from your extraPURE water conditioner, giving you complete ease of use.

All these features provide advanced service diagnostics, making performance analysis a snap and ensuring that the unit maintains its "salt sipper" efficiency.

extraPURE works extra hard to maintain exact levels of cleanliness... all the way through to the filtration media. extraPURE's system purification utilizes a seven step sequence, one of which is the most unique. A low electric current is sent through two built-in titanium plates which cause a molecular reaction creating a special cleansing solution. This decontamination solution effectively inhibits bacteria growth. Before the unit returns to service, the chamber is thoroughly flushed with conditioned water.

Upon installation, your extraPURE system will be equipped with the proper levels of filtration media depending on your family's needs. extraPURE uses only high quality BlackCat resins.

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